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What's a Dilli Dalli?

Dilli Dalli is one of my favorite old phrases to use. The original term [Dilly Dally] means to waste time. To enjoy yourself.

That's what this is. I'm Chasity!

I started photography after having my son in 2017, and built a thriving business home in Louisiana. That all came to an end when we re-located to Florida in 2021. After spending some time healing after a divorce and finally getting back to a place of stability in my life, I'm ready to get back behind the lens!

Dilli Dalli is born from the love I have for old annoying sayings. Examples such as: fiddle-fart, tally-whacker, dilly-dally, rag-a-muffin, etc.

 The reason I am branding myself as a documentary photographer lies in the experience. I am not a traditional photographer in the sense that we will choose a location based on the session and what it means.

So this is not your typical photography session. This is fun, this is us.

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Available for hire in the south US and beyond. Previous travels include, California, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and New York. Contact for overseas quotes.

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